Linked-Data and OSLC for Tool Interoperability

The complexity of Embedded Systems (ES) keeps increasing, and their development requires multiple tools
(e.g., for requirement engineering, design and implementation, or for testing) and heterogeneous information models to be smoothly integrated across the boundaries of engineering disciplines (e.g., mechanical engineering, control systems and software engineering), and across distributed development teams in the context of extended enterprises.

In order to address these challenges, emerging open standards, the Linked Data Platform (LDP) and OSLC, advocate relying on the Internet backbone and web technologies for integrating data across engineering tools, and throughout the product development lifecycle. Nowadays, a large eco-system of companies and
organizations (e.g., within the ARTEMIS project CRYSTAL) are developing solutions based on these standards.

The purpose of this workshop is twofold:
 1.  In the morning session, attendees will learn the foundations of Linked Data and the OSLC open standard, and how their principles and technologies are applied for integrating engineering tools.
 2. In the afternoon session, attendees will develop OSLC-compliant tool adaptors, based on the OSLC4J (Java-based) toolkit, and will be introduced to code generators implemented by KTH for streamlining the process of developing these adaptors.