Competence Groups

The Industrial Competence Groups consist of technical experts within an area who meet on a regular basis to exchange knowledge and to initiate activities related to the theme of the group. The activities can cover a wide range from arranging a presentation to creating a research project.
About ICES Industrial competence group

ASaP Autonomous Systems and Platforms 
Contact person: Xinhai Zhang KTH, E-mail: Xinhai Zhang <>

Embedded realtime systems
Contact person: Zhonghai Lu KTH, E-mail:
Contact person: Frédéric Loiret KTH, E-mail:

R & D managers
Providing a networking group for R & D managers
Contact person: Anders Eklund Prevas, E-mail:

Focus on functional safety
Contact person: De-Jiu Chen KTH, E-mail:

Focus on IT-security
person: Panagiotis Papadimitratos KTH, E-mail:

Testing of embedded systems
Contact person: Cyrille Artho KTH, E-mail:

Systems Engineering
Contact person: Erik Herzog SAAB, E-mail :

Contact person: Vacant