Embedded labs at KTH

There are 19 embedded labs at KTH. They consist of research labs and educational labs and are open, semi open or closed for external parties. Below is a description of the categorization and a short description of each lab
Research Lab: R-lab,
Educational lab: E-lab
Open: O 
Closed: C
Semi-open: S

Automatic Control Lab HVAC Testbed
 R-lab, C
Testbed which aims to help reducing  energy consumption from Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC)  by facilitating the development of efficient control strategies.
Contact: Henrik Sandberg, hsan@kth.se

Electrum laboratory E-lab, O
Fabrication and characterization in the nano and micro scale, supporting the whole chain from education, research and development, to prototyping and production in our  processes.
Contact: Nils Nordell, nordell@kth.se

Embedded Systems electronics lab E-lab, C
Radio and ASIC lab for research projects.
Contact: Fredrik Jonsson, fjon@kth.se

Haptic Lab E,R-lab, C
Tools for development and evaluation of haptic interfaces in different application areas such as computer games, scientific visualization and medical simulation.
Contact: Eva-Lotta Sallnäs Pysander, evalotta@csc.kth.se

ICT Electronics lab E-lab, C
Electronics teaching lab mainly for ICT basic electronic courses, analog electronics, digital design and embedded systems.
Contact: Bengt Molin, bengtm@kth.se

ITM Prototype lab E-lab, C
Physical lab with 2/3D prototype machines, Prototyping center for KTH in general.
Contact: Björn Möller, bjornm@md.kth.se

KTH robotics lab at the Centre for Autonomous Systems R-lab, C
Robot arms and mobile robots
Contact: Petter Ögren, petter@kth.se

Machine-to-Machine Communications Lab E-lab, C
Physical lab with computers, embedded hardware and software
Contact: James Gross, james.gross@ee.kth.se

Mark's Makerspace E-lab, C
Physical lab/work space run as a "makerspace” environment.
Contact: Mark Smith, msmith@kth.se

Mechatronics lab E-lab, C
Teaching lab mainly for mechatronics students. Embedded control with a tilt towards automotive.
Contact: Martin Grimheden, marting@md.kth.se

MID Multistudio R-lab, C
Usability tests of for example websites and programs, as well as access to equipment for eye-tracking tests.
Contact: Roberto Bresin, roberto@kth.se

Networked Systems Security Group E-lab, C
Devices and computers, for experimentation with security and privacy enhancing technologies
Contact: Panagiotis Papadimitratos, papadim@kth.se

PDC Center for High Performance Computing R-lab, S
Advanced super computers, software and storage solutions.
Contact: Daniel Ahlin, dah@pdc.kth.se

PDC HPC Computer hosting facilities R-lab, S
Two computer halls for housing computer equipment
Contact: Daniel Ahlin, dah@pdc.kth.se

PDC HPC Prototyping lab R-lab, C
Focus on energy and power measurements on experimental HPC platforms and some prototyping.
Contact: Gilbert Netzer, noname@pdc.kth.se

Signal Processing Department MUMS-lab E-lab, C
Lab for wireless communication and other radio applications
Contact: Per Zetterberg, perz@kth.se

Wireless Sensor Networks Group E-lab, C
Teaching lab mainly for Electrical Engineering, Computer Sciences, Mechatronics students
Contact: Carlo Fischione, carlofi@kth.se

Vizualization studio E-lab, S
Technology to manage, and interact with, large amounts of data the application of this data
Contact: Björn Thuresson, thure@csc.kth.se

Integrated transport research lab R & E-lab, C
Three experimental facilties to test new solutions within vehicle technology as well as vechicle and traffic simulations.
Contact: Peter Georén, peterg@kth.se