Working Groups

The working groups are internal to ICES and support Director and Co-director in their work with running the centre.

ICES Working groups

1. Education and student interaction
Successful and attractive programs running. Frequent interactions: industry/education/ students Students shall be knowledgeable about KTH research Support initiatives for improving and renewing education (pedagogy - e.g. flipped classroom, industry interactions, T-shaping)
Chairperson: Johnny Öberg KTH/ICT, E-mail:

2. Continued education

Graduate school with one to two day courses adapted to suit industrial participation. Investigate other relevant models for continued education
Chairperson: Joakim Gustafsson, Atlas Copco Tools, E-mail:

3. Marketing and Member involvement
Recruit new members. Increase and broaden involvement from existing members. Distribute information of center activities. Utilize effective social media for marketing. Maintain and develop an attractive homepage reflecting ICES as collaboration centre with international visibility.

4. Competence groups
Industry and academia competence groups within the thematic focus of ICES. Each group shall spread and deepen knowledge and best practice among member organization within the focus area. Competence groups should support researchers and industry by finding relevant focus activities for the specific group, e.g. formulating and catalyzing projects, writing (white) papers, organizing workshops, etc. 

Chairperson: Stefan Norrwing, KTH, E-mail:

5. Learning Network
Start new competence groups Follow up of competence groups Support creation of new research consortia Plan and organize the ICES conferences and workshops (beyond competence group organized workshops) Efforts to involve and strengthen the relation towards alumni (KTH and other) .
Chairperson: Stefan Norrwing, ICES, E-mail:

6. Interactions and catalyzing projects
Maintain contacts and represent ICES in interactions with relevant national and int. networks (Incose, ARTEMIS-IA, Swedsoft). Maintain a dialogue with selected funding bodies (e.g. ECSEL and Vinnova). Support ICES members with contact information, call and brokerage event info, and contacts with other related centers. Set up targeted efforts for specific funding/project opportunities Identify new networking opportunities. 
Chairperson: Martin Törngren KTH E-mail Catrin Granbom, Ericsson,

7. Management
Well working internal processes A learning network, striving to continuously improve practices and initiatives towards achieving the vision of ICES
Chairperson: Stefan Norrwing, ICES, E-mail:
Latest notes of meeting: 20180913 Latest notes of meeting: 20181009