AI competence group start-up meeting

ICES is in the process of starting a Competence Group on AI. You have all expressed interest in participating in such a group.

Therefore, you are hereby cordially invited to an informal start-up meeting without any future commitment.

The meeting will start with a lecture by Elena Fersman, Ericsson/Adjunct professor of Cyber-Physical Systems, KTH and afterwards we will discuss the format and the thematic orientation of the group. 

Possible orientations (which can also be combined) can be:

  • Applications of AI, e.g. predictive maintenance, anomaly detection
  • Safe and reliable AI, how robust are AI, how can you ensure that it becomes robust, how do you identify error modes, which error modes exist?
  • Explainable and understandable AI, how to explain and understand what an AI system does
  • Values and ethics of AI, which values are provided with an AI system? What values should an AI / autonomous system have?

The competence group can also be profiled against research, exchange of best practices and teaching.

Invited to the meeting is employees of Gold and Silver members with interest in the area. If you are interested in participating send Johanna Olsson, an e-mail.


The event is not available for booking