INCOSE/ICES Workshop on Competence provisioning/development for effective CPS development

Competence provisioning may not sound exciting but is key for any successful organisation. For organisations developing next generation CPS, the challenge is twofold:  

  • Firstly, to attract newly graduated engineers with a reasonable capability to contribute to product development and to gradually hone the skills of the work force such that they can effectively contribute to the development of next generation products. With the emergence of Cyberphysical Systems there is a need for engineers with a good understanding of both the cyber and physical part of the system including management of all relevant non-functional system properties. For any complex system this implies skill in systems engineering.
  • Secondly, to constantly hone and extent the skills of the existing workforce such that individual engineers can progress towards more demanding positions and can keep abreast of new technologies and methodologies.

The workshop will allow industry to meet academia and discuss the ideal profile for future engineers and also to discuss approaches to continuous competence development and the desired role for academia in this.

For the workshop we are seeking a few motivation speakers from industry and academia that addresses their current approach and challenges related to competence development. Please send an e-mail to Erik Herzog ( to indicate the desire to present at the event! May 22th is the final date for submitting a proposal.

The workshop is organised in collaboration between INCOSE and ICES.

Welcome to  workshop!