ICES 10th anniversary with retrospective and future - Managing eco-systems for innovation

Managing eco-systems for innovation – Sept. 27
Your organization will not be able to create or maintain future smart trustworthy networked system by itself. A lot of collaboration will be needed. How can you establish the best prospering eco-system to support your ideas?
What is required to improve our eco-systems in Sweden?

13:00 – 13:30: Conference Introduction: The role of competence networks in a technological shift – lessons learnt

Martin Törngren, KTH / Tor Ericson, ÅF

Strategic partnership among Universities and Industry
Mikael Östling, Deputy President, professor KTH

13:30 – 14:10: Self-Explaining Autonomous Systems - the SEE Initiative
Prof. W. Damm, OFFIS

14:10 – 14:20: Short break
14:20 – 15:20: Industry perspective – challenges and best practice
Creating and roll out of SW Development System
Jonas Wigander, Ericsson

Development of systems for "Gripen”
Torvald Mårtensson, SAAB

15:25 – 16:10: Management in the digital age
Dr Annika Steiber, CEO Innoway, Adjunct professor - Santa Clara University, Managing Director - Berkeley Research Group (BRG)

16:10 – 16:30: Coffee Break
16:30 – 17:45: Case studies and how to deal with the challenges
Things and the role of SME’s
Magnus Melander, Things
Digital Disruption of Industry: The Finnish Perspective
Martti Mäntylä, Aalto University

The transforming powers of digitalization 
Jan Gulliksen, Vice Rector of Digitalization at KTH

17:45 – 18:15: Summary and panel debate
18:30 – 20:00: Dinner
Participation is free and registration is mandatory, there will be a now show fee


Time: Thu 27 Sep 2018, 13.00
Location: KTH Campus, Brinellvägen 64, room M2

ICES has soon been active as a center for 10 years! We will celebrate that with an anniversary conference in two parts. September 27th to 28th. First day with a management focus and the second day with more technical content.