Cancelled Workshop - IPR strategies in a connected world

Workshop for building an IP Strategy

Managing Intellectual Properties within a company is often not at the top of the “To do” list when building a prosperous business. However, the consequences for the company, and company assets, may be large unless a solid fundament is established to handle certain situations. We call this building an IP Strategy.

The workshop is a hands-on exercise where groups (each having 3-5 persons) are instructed to act for a fictive company “Genesis 1:3” operating in the field of lighting equipment and having a catchy slogan “and let there be light”. During the workshop, different situations are described and each group will discuss issues that may arise from the situations and propose items that should be covered by the IP Strategy in order to establish a solid fundament.

We hope for engaged participants that will provide new insights for the groups. The result of the workshop is a checklist for items that should be included in an IP Strategy together with an understanding why these items are important and the risks that are involved when not having an IP Strategy.

The workshop is mainly intended for people that in their profession comes into contact with intellectual property rights in connection with different types of contractual relationships.

The workshop is free of charge for ICES members, the price for non member is 1 000 SEK. The WS is planned for about 3 hours.


The event is not available for booking