ICES 10th Anniversary Conference day 2: Creating Complex and Trustworthy Systems

Welcome to the annual ICES Conference 2018 on the theme; Managing eco-systems for innovation. Not only is it a great opportunity to get a glimpse of the future, it is also a 10 Year anniversary that will be celebrated with a well deserved dinner at the end of day one
It’s a two day conference and you need to sign up for the two days individually. You could find the program for day 1 here. The conference, including dinner, is free but registration is mandatory. A no-show fee may be applied.

Day 2: How to create complex and trustworthy systems

The world is changing with automated cars, smart reconfigurable manufacturing systems, AI based medical diagnoses, and much more. Systems are getting smarter and smarter and much more complex. So complex that comprehension and verification of all features will be extremely difficult  – then how do we make them trustworthy?

9:00 Introduction
Welcome - Martin Törngren, KTH / Tor Ericson, ÅF

Towards Verified Artificial Intelligence
Sanjit Seshia, Berkeley University

09:50 Integrated Testing methodology
Karl Meinke; KTH

Coffee Break and exhibition

10:50 Digital Biomarkers and predictive e-Health systems
Markku Hämäläinen, Kontigo Care

12:30 Autonomous systems challenges and promises
Patric Jensfelt - KTH
13:00 Cyber Security when everything becomes connected
Panagiotis ”Panos” Papadimitratos, KTH
Coffee Break

14:00 Challenges in building Intelligent Software Architectures in 5G Radio Access Networks 
Diarmuid Corcoran, Ericsson
14:30 Smart connected assembly
Lars Eklöf, Atlas Copco President, Motor Vehicle Division
15:00 Summing up and Panel Discussion