12 Oct 2016

Software Technology Exchange Workshop, 12-13 oct, Linköping

Swedsoft welcomes you to the fifth Software Technology Exchange Workshop (STEW) at Linköping University in Linköping.

Transfer of results of academic research into real products or integrating them into industrial ways-of-working is one of the key challenges for both academic institutions and companies. Many companies today are often unaware of the existing research and many academic institutions have difficulties to disseminate their results within the industry.

To remedy this, the Software Technology Exchange Workshop (STEW) has been organized by Swedsoft to facilitate knowledge exchange and dissemination of academic results within the industry. STEW provides a forum for researchers and industry representatives to meet and learn about recent, industry-relevant research in the domain of software development. The workshop also promotes networking among academic and industrial attendees. This year the focus will be on Best of Swedish industry-academia joint research in software intensive system 2015-2016.

Opening speach
Pontus De Laval, CTO, Saab

Keynote speakers

Speed, Data and Ecosystems: Excelling in a Software Driven World
Jan Bosch, professor Chalmers University of Technology and Director of Software Center

Towards the Networked Society – a software challenge      
Ulf Wahlberg, Vice President, Industry and Research Relations, Ericsson

More information
For more information, se the attached pdf.