23 Jan 2017

Invitation to CP-SETIS Workshop at HiPEAC 2017, Stockholm,

CP-SETIS Workshop at HiPEAC 2017, Stockholm,

Date: 2017-01-23
Time: 10:00

Dear members of the ARTEMIS-IA,

The ARTEMIS-IA Standardization Working Group has created the ARTEMIS Strategic Agenda for Standardization a few years ago and worked on it with support of the EC under the Support Action ProSE. In the meantime, ARTEMIS projects have worked towards the IOS, Tool Interoperability Specifications, like iFEST, CESAR, MBAT, nSafeCer, HOLIDES, ARROWHEAD, EMC², and particularly CRYSTAL.

On the other hand, many new Ad-Hoc Groups and groups for maintenance of established standards have started work to keep up with new software/system paradigms and developments in hardware and other technologies, in ISO and IEC, OASIS, ETSI, ProSTEP, ASAM, OMG and various other standardization organizations.

This work was described e.g. in ARTEMIS Magazine No. 20 "Interoperability Secification – Quo Vadis?'' p. 29-30, and ERCIM News 108 "Development Tool Interoperability Specifications and Standardization", p. 52-53.

 The EC supports our activities to create a sustainable structure to maintain the IOS and an updated Strategic Standardization Agenda in the Innovation Action CP-SETIS ("Towards Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering Tools Interoperability Standardization”), a support-action type project in H2020, which is intended to be basis for an updated ARTEMIS-IA Strategic Agenda for Standardization and should have some impact on other strategic documents like the ECSEL MASRIA.

The current status will be presented at the CP-SETIS Workshop at the HiPEAC 2017Conference in Stockholm on Jan. 23, 2017 .

YOUR COMMENTS AND INPUT ARE ESSENTIAL FOR A SUCCESSFUL RESULT! The result should in the end represent the ARTEMIS/ECSEL community and, as far as possible, the whole community active in the areas of interest mentioned above!

Programme (Jan. 23rd, 2017):

10:00-10:05 Welcome and Introduction -Jürgen Niehaus and Erwin Schoitsch

Session I: Interoperability Specification

10:05-10:35 Keynote:  Success Story: IOS findings and achievements of the CRYSTAL Project- Christian El Salloum, AVL

10:35-11:00 Interoperability Specification – Support Activities for

Formal Standardization of a Multi-Standard- Jürgen Niehaus, SafeTrans

11:00-11:30 Coffee break

Session II: The CP-SETIS/ARTEMIS-IA Strategic Standardization Agenda

11:30-12:00 Keynote: ARTEMIS Standardization WG: Key success stories - past and present- Josef Affenzeller, AVL

12:00-12:30 What are new topics in the 2017 ARTEMIS Strategic Agenda for Standardization?- Erwin Schoitsch, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

12:30-13:00 Moderated Panel Discussion with audience (Erwin Schoitsch)

Topics: What is missing, what is the ARTEMIS-IA position, what should find its way into the ARTEMIS SRA and ECSEL MASRIA/Work-Program?

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