23 Oct 2017

Call for Presentations - 6th Scandinavian Conference on System and Software Safety, SCSSS-2018

The 6th Scandinavian Conference on System and Software Safety, SCSSS-2018 is under development. We aim to repeat the succcess from previous years and also take up feedback from participants to make it even better.

We are now soliciting proposals for presentations, workshops or tutorials. Presentations are 35 minutes for the plenary day one, or could be part of a workshop if that fits better. A workshop could have a duration of half a day, up to one day. Workshops should be thematic, and proposers are expected to provide speakers from both industry and academia that reflect the chosen theme. We encourage proposers to consider to include plenty of time for discussions (beyond presentations), for example using a world-café or other format that stimulates engagement. Tutorials can be half day or full day on any subject related to the conference.

We encourage presentations within all areas of system and software safety, e.g.
•Safety and the cloud
•Open source software and Safety
•Continuous Deployment and Functional Safety
•Human role, e.g. controllability in 26262
•Security and Safety
•Availability and Safety
•Reliability and Safety
•Handling of safety requirements, e.g. system/SW and HW/SW interface
•Design and architecture for safe systems
•Safety demonstrations
•Techniques for analysis of safety critical software
•Software engineering for safety systems
•Safety and connected devices (e.g. connected vehicles, IoT)
•Software and Systems safety in heterogenous software ecosystems (e.g. system vs. 3rd party products)
•System safety for different industries
•Management and  Safety culture
•Making legacy systems Safe
•Safety and autonomous systems
•Introducing safety in organizations
•Defining a migration path for safety, in anticipation of safety regulations
•Safety and AI
•Safety and multi actor systems
•Machine learning and safety assessments

Submission deadline: November 8, 2017
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