1 Nov 2017

European Chaos Engineering Days

Wednesday 6 December 2017, 9:00 – 16:00

KTH, Lindstedtsvägen 24, Room Fantum

Free event, registration mandatory for food

The Chaos Engineering Days land in Stockholm. We’re inviting you to a free workshop on chaos engineering, DevOps and advanced software technology to be held at KTH in Stockholm. The goal of the workshop is to meet and learn about chaos engineering, Devops and advanced software technology.

Tentative program:
•Keynote: "Let it crash” (speaker: Joe Armstrong, inventor of Erlang)
•"High Frequency Chaos Engineering” (Mats Jonsson, SAAB)  "Low overhead forms of application virtualization combined with advanced programmable networks and storage open a wide range of opportunities to design and test distributed systems. We discuss how In-band Network Telemetry and distributed tracing can be put to use in a Function as a Service (FaaS) environment to do High Frequency Chaos Engineering at the rate of millions of virtual instances per second.”
•"Correctness Attraction: Runtime Perturbation for Full Correctness” (B. Baudry / B. Danglot) "Can the execution of a software be perturbed without breaking the correctness of the output? In this paper, we devise a novel protocol to answer this rarely investigated question. In an experimental study, we observe that many perturbations do not break the correctness in ten subject programs. We call this phenomenon "correctness attraction”. The uniqueness of this protocol is that it considers a systematic exploration of the perturbation space as well as perfect oracles to determine the correctness of the output. "
•Others to be confirmed
•Ample time for informal discussion
•Contact Martin to propose your presentation •Lightning presentation: 10 minutes
•Long presentation: 30 minutes

•Chaos engineering principles and tools
•DevOps tools and approaches
•Reliability engineering
•Software antifragility
•Production support for monitoring / diagnosing / repairing cloud and distributed systems
•Chaos & Elasticity / Scalability
•Continuous integration, testing and deployment

Important information:

Questions: Martin Monperrus (organizer), Sandhya Hagelin - sanh@kth.se (support)

Registration link (deadline: Dec 1st)
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Where: KTH, Lindstedtsvägen 24, Room Fantum

Meals: lunch & coffee for registered participants, wireless included