8 Dec 2017

ICES Newsletter No. 44 - December 2017

Dear newsletter readers!
Another year is coming to an end. ICES was started in 2008 and 2018 will be our 10th anniversary! We have seen an astonishing development in the area over the ten years and ICES has grown from 6 to 30+ members! It is fascinating to think about what the future may bring. We would like to point out a few upcoming events to be earmarked in your calendars! We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Software testing – one day course
The much appreciated test course is back, it is a one day course on Software Testing - Fundamentals and Emerging Technologies. Date: March 22nd 2018. For registration and more information see the event on ICES homepage. This event is open and the price is reduced for members.
SCSSS - System & Software Safety Conference
The 2017 Safety conference was a great success and the program for the 2018 is now shaping in a promising way! Reserve May 21-22 in your calendar! See the 2018 conference link  here! The event is open but there is a conference fee.
What computing models to adopt for automated and smart real-time systems? - Where computing meets application algorithms
Embedded systems are evolving rapidly, with challenging applications and changing architectures. Learn and discuss predictability and other important properties can be achieve for future systems – Reserve June 8th, preliminary for 09.00-13.00. More info.
ICES 10th anniversary conference
ICES has soon been active as a center for 10 years! Reserve September 3rd!
ICES Competence group functional safety
Cyber-physical systems are undergoing radical shifts. One particular challenge is related to the guarantee of overall system dependability, while having more stochastic operational environments as well as more complex systems. The competence group brings together expertise from industry and academia, in the fields centered on safety engineering. The aim is also to encourage the establishment of a forum for communicating related trends and work directions. You are welcome to join!
See the ICES event calendar for an updated list of events


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