29 Jan 2018

Interoperability Coordination Forum (ICF) Workshop in Berlin

The ICF team of the ARTEMIS-IA Standardisation Working Group organises a half-day Interoperability Coordination Workshop, co-located and organized back-2-back with the ARTEMIS Brokerage Event in Berlin, and invites you to present your projects resp. project ideas focused on Interoperability.

As part of many past and ongoing EU level projects, specifications, frameworks, open source software, and other assets are frequently developed. Many of these refer to different aspects of interoperability, for example in terms of middleware, linked data schemes for data exchange, model-exchange formats, and co-simulation approaches. The increasing connectivity and integration further drives the importance of interoperability; many projects and efforts will need interoperability in one way and or another. In order to avoid recreating the wheel, it becomes essential to disseminate what has been achieved so far including raising awareness of ongoing efforts and resources. In turn, this provides opportunities for identifying new directions and synergies for collaborative efforts that build upon and leverage useful existing results. This sets the scene for this workshop.

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