18 Apr 2018

Vilnius Summer School 2018 on military and cyber security

The upcoming summer the Vilnius School are launching Vilnius Summer School on military and cyber security and would like to invite students or any other persons who might be interested in the courses. Vilnius Summer School is a week-long academic program dedicated to facilitate dialogue and in-depth analysis in the field of military and cyber security at national, regional and global level.

They offer two separate courses:

Military Security course which will give you a chance to get in-depth understanding about current threats the Eastern flank of Europe faces and the counter-measures it applies to deter aggressors and defend both – regional and national – security interests. The course will focus on the security situation in the Baltic region, giving a particular attention to the transformation of Russian military and its impact on the security and defence policy of the Baltic States. Moreover, in this course participants will be able to get understanding on the challenges NATO faces today and what NATO must do to counter them, what NATO and national strategies and capabilities must be in place to increase deterrence and defence in the Baltic region.

Cyber Security course which will provide an opportunity to get more knowledge about today’s cyber security world, including the emerging cyber-threats and increasing cyber-attacks. It will provide a chance to get in-depth understanding about cyber-defence and possible countermeasures, get involved into discussion about international and regional cyber security issues and strengthen awareness about existing cyber-threats.

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