6 Jul 2018

The Nordic University (H)ub on (I)ndustrial (IoT) (HI2OT)

The KTH Innovation is a member of the Nordic University (H)ub on (I)ndustrial (IoT) (HI2OT) that focus on Industrial IoT, a Nordic area of growth and a key technology enabler in solutions to several societal challenges. IIoT will only become a reality through the convergence of Operational and Information Technologies (OT & IT), which are currently separated. This will require multidisciplinary large-scale research effort. Hence, HI2OT brings together the strongest Nordic research groups in IIoT (8 groups at 5 universities) to form a long-term partnership for expanding IIoT cooperation in the Nordic region.

•DTU - Technical University of Denmark •Lund University •KTH - Royal Institute of Technology •NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology •Aalto University

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