17 Aug 2018

Final Consultation – CPS Innovations for the Future

As the Platforms4CPS project is approaching it's end.... and we have the pleasure to invite you to our  "Final Consultation – CPS Innovations for the Future”, to discuss the projects results and future directions of CPS innovation!
The Platforms4CPS Consultation Event will take place on September 12th 2018 (10:00 – 17:00), at THALES TRT, Palaiseau near Paris– including and discussing presentations on the project findings, the Recommendations we will put forward to the EC (derived from project results, the missions and workshops) and EC, industry, academia and policy perspectives. The consultation is preceded by a dinner cruise on the Seine.

Please save the dates! To reserve your places for the cruise and consultation, simply email platforms4cps-arttic@eurtd.com.