24 Oct 2018

Developing Secure Internet of Things Applications: Tutorials and Hackathons

You are cordially invited to the following event on November 7, 2018: "Developing Secure Internet of Things Applications: Tutorials and Hackathons". 

On November 7, 2018, RISE SICS and Evothings Labs offer a full day on  developing secure Internet of Things applications. The purpose of this event is to increase the understanding on how IoT networks of resource-constrained devices can be securely connected to the Internet. In the morning, introductory hands-on tutorials on the development of secure IoT applications with Contiki-NG, Europe's leading Internet of Things operating system and using Evothings Studio for developing mobile services are given. This includes a hands-on introduction to IoT protocols, networking and network security with Contiki-NG. This is followed by hackathons in the afternoon where you can play with what you have learned on real hardware. At the end of the day, participants should have gained practical experience on how to securely connect IoT networks and devices to the Internet.

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