10 Oct 2013

Inspiration for Female Entrepreneurship

On Friday 18 October between 14.00-15.00 the first iPack seminar on innovation and entrepreneurship will take place in Gemini, Forum, 8th floor, KTH-forum, Kista.

The speaker is Kathryn Arnborg, who is the CEO of Tre Well Emballage AB, and the title is Inspiration for Female Entrepreneurship.


Kathryn Arnborg is Female Ambassador appointed by the Swedish government, "Tillväxtverket”, (Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth). This presentation is a part of this mission to inspire and promote female entrepreneurship. First I will have a look at some of the history and conditions for female entrepreneurship. Then my own personal background follows to give you one example on how unpredictable the future is and how important it is to see the opportunities when they come. Finally I will present my company, the SME Tre Well Emballage, and how the directions change with time including our engagement in iPack Center. Finally we will try to define entrepreneurship together and hopefully give you some inspiration for your future plans.

Short bio:

Kathryn Arnborg has a BA in History Art from Stockholm University. She worked 7 years with
documentation and research of old buildings for municipalities (Länstyrelsen) and as a consultant. Then she worked with antiques for a well-established dealer, Neumanns konsthandel in Stockholm. In Texas she worked at the Dallas Museum of Art. Back in Stockholm she studied business classes such as management, marketing, economics and law. She founded and was first president of Ikebana International in Sweden. During 10 years she had a consulting business with teaching antiques, art history and Ikebana. Since 1998 she worked with her father’s company and became sole owner in 2007 of Tre Well Emballage.