28 Oct 2013

ICES gets three new silver partners


The Sweden Water Purification is an innovative company that develops products for water treatment which makes a difference to the environment. Their patented (137 countries) stormwater filter Swedrop™ has an extremely high purification capacity. Swedrop™ filters more dangerous substances than the EU, in its comprehensive Water Directive demands.The interest in embedded system is for future development, where the vision is that each filter ”senses” the level of pollution and sends information about the pollution via communication devices to a central application, for monitoring, reporting and statistics.


Imsys develops microprocessors, ready-made modules and development systems and tools. The microprocessors are characterized by high energy efficiency, high code density and are reconfigurable through the use of a writable control store. This means that new optimized functions can be added in the field. The modules enable significant savings in development time since they provide the hardware designer with almost all pieces the designer needs. Also included are RTOS (Rubus JOS) and other necessary software components for network based communication. The recent development system is also adapted to be used in products without additional hardware or when necessary by a daughter board.

Imsys is a leading partner in the iPack centre at KTH and also cooperatewith Fudan University and Wuxi Institute. A recent cooperation has been established with Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary. It aims to implement LLVM, a framework for development systemswhere Apple, Intel, IBM, Adobe, Google and several otherplayers stay behind. With LLVM as a base, portability of the software is to be simplified considerably.

In research and development is now underway a verification of a dual-core processor in 65 nm technology with integrated NoC Router. The NoC router has been developed initially by KTH. Preliminary results, not yet published, point to a very good energy efficiency. This dual core development is based on one of Imsys patents. Imsys thinks ICES is a good focal point for companies interested in more effective use of energy and faster ways of development and manufacturing new products.

Ambigua Medito AB

Ambigua Medito offer solutions for personalized and interactive medical homecare and networked medicare services enabled by RFID technology. The concept is an ambient display, built-in in a compact, high performance small embedded computer medical box. The system will be the hub in the distribution network and co-operate with partners for: integrating service products and care programs, logistics, care administration, sales & marketing and support. We will be a contributor to the total solution concept for applications based on small-embedded computers and focus is on basic software and application development support. The innovations in technology relate to intelligent interaction interface based on RFID and hybrid networked media system.

Ambigua Medito will focus on market segments and build the products and services to support applications in specified markets. The selected business lines are: medicare, homecare, enterprise, pharmaceutical and health support. Ambigua Medito joined ICES due to a need to interact with research and development enterprises and institutes. We need to take shortcuts in the rapid development in our segment and we need to interact with others that have experiences in the same development and research areas.