21 Oct 2015

Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering Labs: 2nd Open Call for innovation projects

Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering Lab invite technology and engineering firms to submit proposals for industrial experiments to develop innovative cyber-physical products and services. Successful proposals will be awarded up to €150,000 and will receive technical support.
Cyber-physical systems are networked collections of interacting devices, sensors, hardware and software services for collaboratively realising new functions. The field of CPS includes developers and manufacturers of devices and software, technology suppliers, and systems integrators. Many technology and engineering firms are already working in cyber-physical systems without identifying it as such.

Our aims
CPSE Labs is part of Smart-Anything-Everywhere Initiative, which aims to generate new and breakthrough technologies, boost competitiveness, create jobs and support growth in Europe. As part of this work, CPSE Labs will fund industrial experiments carried out by European innovators to develop innovative CPS products and services that will help increase the competitiveness of the European industrial sector and contribute to growth in the European economy.

We will be accepting proposals for industrial experiments to develop new CPS-enabled products and services in the following fields:
* Smart cities and smart buildings
* Flexible production systems
* Robotics
* Autonomous vehicles
* E-Navigation
* Maritime safety systems
' Sustainability