6 Nov 2015

Syntell breakfast seminar with Harold "Bud" Lawson

In this breakfast seminar, major highlights of the book, which is a must read for all Software and Systems Engineers, will be presented by one of the editors, Harold "Bud" Lawson.

The new book has been created to provide various perspectives concerning the problems and opportunities presented by the increasing central role of software in the world’s systems. In particular, the role of and relationship between Software Engineering and Systems Engineering in the provisioning of software systems and their integration into system environments. Further, it is clear that many Software Engineers lack an understanding of and appreciation of the wider system context into which their software systems are integrated. Thus, there is a strong motive to develop the ability to "think” and "act” in terms of systems in order to improve the capabilities of both Software and Systems Engineers to understand and communicate individually and collectively.
The book presents various perspectives on concepts and principles, approaches, issues of complexity, stakeholder concerns and requirements, the vital role of architecture, governance, resilience, trust, risk, acquisition, supply chains, technical debt, socio-technical aspects, standards, as well as the fundamental aspects of improving communication and understanding.
It is the editors' (Ivar Jacobson and Harold "Bud” Lawson’s) hope that this book will provide a starting point to improving the understanding of the relationship between Software Engineering and Systems Engineering and make a significant contribution to improving both professions and the world of systems.

Date and time: November 27th, 07:30 - 09.00.
Venue: City Conference Center, Folkets Hus, Barnhusgatan 12 - 14.
Sign up by November 25th at the latest, please go to Syntell webbpage