10 Apr 2018

ICES Newsletter No. 46 - April 2018

Dear newsletter readers!
ICES 10th anniversary year continues with an array of events including already established ones, such as the safety conference, and new ones, the "coffee with an expert” series. On top of this we are arranging another innovation day, this time focusing on safety critical systems. The anniversary conference is under planning but the format and dates are set, one management day September 27th and a technical day September 28th.

Coffee with an expert
This new seminar series is aimed at giving an update on a topic from research or industry and doing so in a relaxed context. The presentation itself is about 30 minutes and after this coffee is supplied and discussion expected. The first inaugural seminar in the series is given by Professor Edward Lee from Berkley on the topic:
Living Digital Things - A philosophical look at Artificial Intelligence

The event is open and free but seats are limited - registration is mandatory.

Innovation day – Safety Critical Systems "to Integrate or not to Integrate?”
Letting system share and exchange data have never been easier but when it comes to Safety Critical Systems there are plenty of aspects to consider. We want to give you the opportunity to listen to some experiences made by a number of companies and organisations. We hope that their findings will make you aware of some of the pitfalls.

This Innovation Day will provide a mix of presentations and discussions to see what we could learn from each other and hopefully all of us have received some useful insights to bring back home.
The event is open and free but seats are limited - registration is mandatory.


SCSSS - System & Software Safety Conference May 21st to 22nd

The 2017 Safety conference was a great success and the program for the 2018 is every bit as interesting!
Key notes:
Professor Peter Bernard Ladkin Bielefeld University – Assurance Points in Software Development
Dr Håkan Sivencrona, Zenuity – Safety of intended functionality -
Status, open issues and ways forward
Professor John McDermid, University of York – Safety of Autonomy: Challenges and
M.Sc. Jonathan Roberts, Rolls-Royce – Cyber-Risk Assessment Framework encompassing safety and security  See the 2018 conference link here! The event is open but there is a conference fee.

is an initiative allowing KTH employees to fund one semester of 20% time spent at another organization. This could be an industry partner or in public service organization. See this link for more information.

ICES 10th anniversary conference
ICES have soon been active as a center for 10 years! We will celebrate with a two day event. First day with a management focus and second with more technical content. Dates are September 27th and 28th

See the ICES event calendar for an updated list of events

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