3 May 2016

ICES Newsletter No.36: May 2016

Dear readers! We report on the GCDC autonomous driving challenge, the Kista mentorspace and interesting forthcoming events and funding opportunities! Both the GCDC (KTH team) and the Mentorspace received project grant support from ICES!

The grand cooperative driving challenge is an event hosted by the partners in the i-Game project, supported by the European commission, with the purpose of demonstrating capabilities of inter-vehicle communication. University teams participating will be challenged to perform cooperative driving maneuvers with prototype vehicles at a research facility in Helmond, the Netherlands. Performance is evaluated on three different traffic scenarios, designed to emphasize the benefits of using vehicle to vehicle communication. The first scenario will test the vehicles’ ability to perform collaborative maneuvers when platooning on a highway, the second and third scenarios will demonstrate giving way to a high priority vehicle, e.g. an emergency vehicle at an intersection and in a highway scenario respectively. Safety is of highest priority in the design of the participating systems. Thus, thorough safety analysis of the systems and dedicated safety tests at the IDIADA facility in Spain are prerequisites for all participating vehicles.
Sweden is represented by Chalmers, Halmstad University and by two vehicles from KTH; a Scania truck and the KTH Research Concept Vehicle of the Integrated Transport Research Lab. The KTH team currently consists of three research engineers, two PhD students, five MSc thesis workers and one student project. See here for further information: GCDC

Mentorspace opening
Kista Mentorspace has opened at the ICT school in Kista. It is an environment that uses knowledge sharing among groups of diverse individuals to accomplish goals in education, business, and societal development. The Kista Mentorspace is located in the Electrum building in room 302. It houses normal electronics laboratory equipment such as multimeters, oscilloscopes, power supplies as well as a 3D-printer and a laser cutter. It is open 24/7 for KTH students. The beneficiaries of the Kista Mentorspace are the participating schools, businesses, and the Kista community. Schools benefit in that they can use the Mentorspace for applied learning of classroom material. ICES has already conducted a workshop here with STMicroelectronics and Embedded Systems students.

ARTEMIS Spring event recently took place in Vienna. The ARTEMIS Industry Association is a membership organization with more than 170 members and associates from all over Europe, providing a network in the area of "Embedded intelligence” and which, as part of the ECSEL joint undertaking, supports funding of large scale innovation and research initiatives. See links:
 ARTEMIS just released a new strategic research agenda of ARTEMIS
 ECSEL currently has an open call for projects
Upcoming events
 Presentations from the spring event

5G networks
A full-day seminar on "Security for 5G Networks" co-organized by SICS, Ericsson and KTH takes place on May 11th, 9:00-16:30, in Electrum, Kista (free of charge). Read more

Open call by CPSE Labs and EuroCPS as part of the Smart Anything Everywhere Initiative
CPSE Labs will open up a call for innovation experiments on 27th April 2016, with a closing date of 22nd June 2016 at 17:00 CET. There are opportunities to win up to €150,000 for your business, by designing an experiment you would like to carry out and submitting it to our call for proposals. Read the pre-announcement here: www.cpse-labs.eu/calls.php
In addition, EuroCPS har opened a 3rd call for SME’s who are invited to submit proposals aiming at the development of new CPS enabled products. The application is a few pages only. The projects are short, typically a year, and the contribution to the company is of the order 500 kSEK. Read more, register, and start your application at EuroCPS

FORTHCOMING ICES EVENTS! (see the ICES Events Calendar)
May 3, 2016: ICES R&D managers meeting. This is by special invitation only.
May 13, 2016: Workshop on innovation experiment proposals in CPSELabs and Vinnova information on SME grant support
May 16, 2016: Software Testing - Fundamentals and Emerging Technologies, One-day test course with Professor Karl Meinke. Free for ICES members. Cost for non-ICES members is 3000 SEK.
Sep 13, 2016: Start of a graduate course in Systems Thinking and its Application in Embedded Systems. The cost for ICES industry members is 14.900 SEK; free for KTH graduate students.
Oct. 6th, 2016: KTH researchers including Martin Törngren and David Broman organize the 12th workshop on Embedded and Cyber-Physicals Systems education, at ESWeek: contributions are welcome:

CONTACT US: We welcome your ideas and questions! Please e-mail: ices-admin@md.kth.se in the first instance.