29 Nov 2016

ICES Newsletter No.38 - November 2016

Dear newsletter readers!

Embedded Award 2017
Embedded Award in the student category was this year won by a team of KTH students! The winning entry is a system for warning traffic of emergency vehicles using the radio in the nearby cars. The system is called EVAM and is installed in the emergency vehicle. No installation is needed in the other cars.

Conference presentations available
Presentations from this year’s conference are available for download in the previous events area, look under 2016 and October.

Student event with NXP
A student event is planned together with EVOThings and NXP, it will be held in Mentorspace on December 12th. The presentations and hands-on activity will involve the Hexiwear. It is a unit with multiple sensors and ways to communicate and adapt. EVOthings have a platform for easy app-development.

Industry member event with THINGS
An industry member event is planned for November 30th together with THINGS. THINGS® is a 2000 m2 co-working space at KTH Campus down-town Stockholm for selected start-ups with hardware as part of their solution and global ambitions. They work in areas like Internet of Things, wearable technology, medtech, 3D scanning/printing and smart grid technologies.They work in areas like Internet of Things, wearable technology, medtech, 3D scanning/printing and smart grid technologies. Invitations have been sent to all industry member representatives.

COSIS – a new extended and developed Center at KTH
COSIS (Center for Complex Software intensive systems) is a proposal for new center with initiative stemming from ICES. The proposal is to merge the activities within ICES as part of the new centre. Decision to finance this new effort will be taken by Vinnova in March 2017. The network activities will basically remain the same but with a great chance to develop/extend activities based on more resources and from the planned research project get speakers and project updates.

Industrial competence group
The industrial competence group Embedded realtime systems:
The group will have the next meeting at Stoneridge electronics. Interested ICES members can turn to Ingo Sander (ingo@kth.se) for more detailed information. Time and date is December 14th 13-15.

 FORTHCOMING ICES EVENTS! (see the ICES Events Calendar
 NOV 31, 2016 THINGS Presentation and visit

 DEC 12, 2016 Student event with NXP at Mentorspace

 DEC 14, 2016  Competence group meeting: Embedded realtime systems

 JAN 24, 2017 R&D managers meeting

 MAR 7, 2017 ICES Systems Engineering competence group meeting