19 Dec 2014

ICES Newsletter - December 2014

The 31st ICES Newsletter, including new event dates, was published on 19 december - please see below and in the enclosed pdf.

If you have some Embedded Systems-news, of if you have spotted ICES in the press, please get in touch and let us know!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Forthcoming ICES events:

January 13, 2015: Software Testing - Fundamentals and Emerging Technologies

January 15, 2015: ICES Focus Group R & D Managers Meeting

February 5, 2015: ICES Workshop on Data/Tool Interoperability for Systems Engineering

March 10-11, 2015: Co-Summit 2015 

March 24-25, 2015: 3rd Scandinavian Conference - System and Software Safety