18 May 2015

ICES Newsletter - May 2015

The 32nd ICES Newsletter, including new event dates, was published on 19 may - please see below and in the enclosed pdf.

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The conference on System and Software Safety attracted over 100 participants to KTH, with excellent participation from multiple industrial domains and university disciplines. In particular, the conference keynote and the 2nd day with several workshops stimulated discussions and exchange in the spirit of ICES. The increasing interest in safety, mirrors the spread and societal impact of embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems. A follow up for 2016 in Stockholm is already under planning; the safety conference has a potential to establish itself as the Swedish industry-academia event on Systems and Software safety. The arrangement was a joint effort by ICES and Addalot. The conference dinner was arranged in Nalen in central Stockholm (see snapshot right figure).

FORTHCOMING ICES EVENTS! (see the ICES Events Calendar

May 29, 2015: GPU computing for scientific simulations, Non-ICES members have to pay a fee of 1700 kr.

June 3, 2015 : Incose, The Nordic Systems Engineering Tour

June 26, 2015: Summer school. The school itself is fully booked, but there are possibilities of attending some of the lectures.

Nov, 2015: ICES participation in Embedded Conference Scandinavia in Kista. Details to be announced soon.

Nov, 2015: ICES annual conference, this year with focus on Security. This is an open event. Details to be announced soon.

ICES is starting up a new focus group on interoperability. Contact person is KTH researcher Frederic Loiret. The focus group is focused on interoperability across engineering tools, models, engineering disciplines and other life-cycle assets in order to increase the efficiency of software development processes for Systems Engineering. If you are believe that you can contribute please see Frederic’s contact information below. ICES has also decided to sponsor minor projects suggested by the focus groups. The application for this project funding is simplified and can be granted in short time.

Architecture for autonomous systems
Viacheslav Izosimov KTH/ITM, E-mail: izosimov@kth.se

Focus on functional safety
Fredrik Asplund KTH/ITM, E-mail: fasplund@kth.se 

R & D managers
Providing a networking group for R & D managers
Anders Eklund ICES, E-mail: anders.eklund@prevas.se

Embedded realtime systems
Ingo Sander KTH/ICT, E-mail: ingo@kth.se

Testing of embedded systems
Karl Meinke KTH/CSC, E-mail: karlm@nada.kth.se

Frederic Loiret KTH/ITM, E-mail: floiret@kth.se


RECENT ICES EVENTS! (see ICES Previous Events)
2015-01-13 One day course: Software testing – Fundamentals and Emerging Technologies
2015-01-15 ICES Focus Group R & D Managers Meeting
2015-01-30 Workshop on Embedded and CPS Security
2015-02-05 ICES Workshop on Data/Tool Interoperability for Systems Engineering
2015-03-10 2015 Co-Summit
2015-03-24 3rd Scandinavian Conference – System and Software Safety
2015-04-23 ICES Focus Goup R & D Managers Meeting
2015-04-27 ICES Focus Group on Tool & Data Interoperability - Workshop

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