18 Dec 2015

ICES Newsletter No.34 - December 2015

Dear readers!
We have had an active year within the ICES network! The activities have included courses such as SW testing (January) and Systems and Functional Safety (November), to seminars on GPU’s and autonomous systems. This year we have also had several events attracting about 100 persons such as the "3rd Scandinavian Conference - System and Software Safety” and of course our highlight being the annual ICES conference on IT-security that took place on November 25. The presentations are available here: annual Conference. A new industrial competence group on Interoperability has been launched and already shown a lot of activity such as arranging a hands-on tutorial on Linked-Data and OSLC for Tool Interoperability. We also have had the pleasure of welcoming a new member company, Knightec.

Take the opportunity to sign up for some of our new events already now (See below)! Merry Christmas and see you next year!

KTH professor Elenea Dubrova talking on security in Hardware at ICES conference.

The speakers get ICES juggling balls for their contribution and as a means to practice their embedded skills.

ICES starts industrial competence group on Security
Due to the large interest on Security we have decided to initiate an industrial competence group in this area. Directly after the New Year we will send out an invitation for all of you who attended the ICES conference. Also you who did not participate in the conference and with an interest and good knowledge of Security are welcome to join. Leader of the group will be Panos Papadimitratos, associate professor at KTH.

ICES involved in application for competence centre
Vinnova has opened a call for competence centres. ICES is active in putting together a first 10-page synopsis for a KTH centre application with focus on SW intensive systems and related areas. ICES is working together with the ACCESS centre and the recent SW initiative at KTH to create something completely new. Several of the ICES member companies are involved in the work. All member companies have been offered to participate. If you have not yet volunteered please get in touch! On January 12, 2016 there will be a meeting with all interested parties to make the final adjustments before handing in the application.

Ph.D. thesis on "Reference architectures for highly automated driving”
Sagar Behere is presenting his doctoral thesis on January 22nd 2016. Two reference architectures for highly automated driving form the principal contribution of this thesis. The first reference architecture is for cooperative driving. In a cooperative driving situation, vehicles and road infrastructure in the vicinity of a vehicle continuously exchange wireless information and this information is then used to control the motion of the vehicle. The second reference architecture is for autonomous driving, and is capable of driver-less operation even without direct communication with external entities. The dissertation takes place in Kollegie-salen at KTH, Brinellvägen 8, 9.00-12.00. The event will be combined with co-located ICES workshops in the afternoon on the 21st, and in the afternoon on the 22nd.

FORTHCOMING ICES EVENTS! (see the ICES Events Calendar)

  Jan 21, 2016: ICES R&D managers meeting This is by special invitation only.
  Jan 21, 2016:  KTH Autonomy winter days, workshop 1
  Jan 22, 2016: KTH Autonomy winter days, workshop 2
  Mar 16, 2016: 4th Scandinavian Conference - System and Software Safety

CONTACT US:  We welcome your ideas and questions!  Please e-mail: ices-admin@md.kth.se in the first instance.

With Best Wishes as Always!

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